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2nd September 2016

Meeting God on the Alpha Course

I sometimes find myself wondering ‘why do we run Alpha Course?’ They aren’t in the Bible, Jesus never sat down to do ‘a course’ with any of his disciples, and they weren’t lacking in faith or understanding of the gospel.

So why do we gather a team of people and run an Alpha course each term?

I find that these questions usually get answered around week 4 or 5 of the course. By this stage we have got to know our guest a little and they start to really open up, to us and to God. It’s at this stage that we really start to see what God is doing in these people’s lives.

I remember asking one guest how they were feeling about the next week’s topic. His response didn’t really answer my question but he did reveal how desperate he was to meet God and have the guilt he was experiencing removed, needless to say he met with God and decided to give his life to Jesus on that course.

I think the beauty of the Alpha Course, and the reason we run it, is that it creates a wonderful context in which we can pass on the good news which Jesus shared with his disciples. There is something about creating a comfortable context which helps people receive Jesus’ message, which after all is the only way people can be saved.

To quote well-known evangelist Adrian Holloway, ‘I’ve found that when people hear the gospel in the right context, I’ve found that many of them want to respond.’

So who would you like to hear the Gospel in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere? Why not invite them to our next Alpha course Starting on the 27th Sep at 7:30pm.

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Maureen Hopkins
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