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14th September 2016

The Mould is Broken

God has been speaking to us about 'breaking the mould', and on Sunday 11th September 2016 we took a step into a new season. In this blog, Peter shares with us his reflections of a powerful, defining morning at CCBS.

Well, we did it!

We started a second Sunday meeting and both of them were very good meetings! Both had heart-felt worship and a memorable message from Gareth as we broke the mould of one meeting and it was very encouraging to welcome 7 new members across the two meetings.

Thank you every single one of you who served to make both meetings happen so well.

Of course the meetings were smaller than we’ve been used to, but this meant there was space in the room for newcomers to fill so that the church family can grow and more people can join in worshipping Jesus to display His glory. That’s what we want! In fact, 5 newcomers enjoyed the morning so much on Sunday that they filled out ‘I’m New Here cards’ saying they want to become part of the church!

God was with us in both meetings and we can expect that He will continue to be! He has ‘Immeasurably More’ for us yet!

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