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13th October 2016

Father Heart Conference @ King’s Arms Church Bedford

Last weekend, a large group from CCBS travelled to Bedford for the Father Heart Conference. Nicola McCormick shares with us her experience of this powerful weekend:

"After almost 40 years as a Christian, I would have thought that my understanding of my Heavenly Father was pretty solid. The input that approximately thirty of us from CCBS had at this amazing conference demonstrated that there is eternal revelation to be received of the love of our Father.

One story that was shared at the conference stands out in my memory… In Armenia in recent years there was a devastating earthquake. In one small town, most of the buildings were flattened. A father who had survived the quake began running towards the local school in which his son studied. Upon arrival at the school he was horrified to see that the entire building was flattened and dozens of distraught parents were gathering together and wailing in shock and grief.

Undeterred, he ran to where his son’s classroom building had stood and began clawing at the rubble with his bare hands and calling his son’s name. No-one helped him and many tried to get him to stop, telling him that his efforts were hopeless. Ignoring their advice, this father kept going… 10 hours passed… 24 hours passed… 38 hours later with his fingers in tatters he again called out his son’s name in desperation.

Suddenly, but faintly, he heard a muffled reply… “Dad?... Dad!... I’m here!... I knew that you would come!” The classroom had fallen in such a way that a small space had formed around the son and a few of his friends. All through the hours of fear and suffocating darkness the boy had kept telling his friends, “I know that my Dad will come!”

What a story! What a portrayal of the Father’s love! Even typing it out several days later has reduced me to tears!

Before we went to the Father Heart conference I knew that an intimate relationship with Father God was available. I have been hungry for more revelation of this love, but also very aware of blockages in my heart and some unhelpful patterns of thought that have held me captive to living like an orphan rather than a beloved child of God. Despite these internal hindrances, Father God met me with love and even pride in His eyes!

For the first time in all these years of walking with God I experienced the Father’s love and He has given me rest and deep peace.

As I walk forward from this point I am confident that these blockages and hindrances will continue to dissipate and my orphan heart will increasingly transform to become the heart of a secure and loved daughter, knowing the smile of my Father, safe, protected, affirmed, and full of glistening hope.

Father God invites you to journey deep into His transforming love. Say ‘Yes’ to the journey."

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Maureen Hopkins
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