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23rd January 2017

Commissioned to Bring Heaven’s Culture to Earth

Jesus modelled for us the normal Christian life. He came proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom and demonstrating both the power and the culture of that Kingdom.

Everything has a culture.

Your life has a culture, your marriage, your home, your business. And in just the same way, church has a culture too – even without our efforts to produce one!

The word 'culture’ derives from a Latin word which means to “till” (as in to prepare land for crops). It’s from this same Latin word that we get the word cultivate. When we cultivate an area we set a boundary and within that boundary we remove everything that is harmful to the growth of the things we want. We eradicate weeds and in doing so we encourage the good crops to grow. The boundary line is important for it is at that point that we begin to bring intentional definition to the culture we desire to produce.

When we define the culture in a community of people such as at CCBS, we spiritually do the same thing. We agree as a community what we will encourage, and by default what we do not wish to tolerate.

We could easily use a multitude of terms to define our CCBS culture, but by boiling it down to just 5 key memorable words – Passion, Courage, Honour, Authenticity, Generosity – we will maximise impact. It’s better to hit 90% of 5 areas than only 5% of 90!

We believe that these 5 culture words are umbrella terms, which describe the nature of our Heavenly Father and His Heavenly Kingdom.

The culture of heaven is undoubtedly the most hope-filled, joy-infused, life-giving, awe-inspiring, and encouraging culture imaginable. As we pray “…on earth as it is in Heaven” (Matt 6:10), pour out our energies for His glory, and align our thinking with His truth, we can be expectant to see His Kingdom coming in increased measure.

For this reason I would encourage you to invite Holy Spirit to speak to you through the Kingdom Culture sermon series available here.

My prayer is that His glory will increase amongst us as we meet together, and then spill over the 4 walls of our Sunday gatherings into your Monday morning family meal-times, your business meetings, your school pick-up runs, and your squash club socials.

May we cultivate such Kingdom-drenched lifestyles that every sphere of life will proclaim His Kingdom and draw the nations to His love.

There is nothing that I would rather give my life for! Are you with me?

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Maureen Hopkins
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