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17th February 2017

Healing testimony

It's always encouraging to hear testimonies about God healing people in our community. Here's a testimony that we received today:

"For about ten years I suffered with a condition similar to hay fever that was triggered by feeling cold rather than by pollen. If I woke up in the morning feeling cold I would have mucus running down my face, and I would spend the rest of the day sniffing as if I had a cold. I was prescribed a nasal spray by the doctor and I also found that antihistamine tables worked really well as long as I took them daily. Over the ten years I had prayer for healing many times (I would guess about 30 times). Often I would stop taking the tablets to check if I'd been healed, and then wake up 2 days later with mucus all over my face again. One week at church I asked a friend to pray for me, which he did. I stopped taking my medicine and discovered 2 days later that I wasn't healed.

The next week I asked the same friend to pray again. This time I woke up 2 days later feeling fine. I waited another 2 weeks to confirm that I was better and that the symptoms were really gone!

This happened one year ago. In the last year I have only taken 3 antihistamine tables, and none of these have been in the last six months. I am really thankful to God for my healing!"

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Maureen Hopkins
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