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13th November 2014

A trip to Woking

I’m sitting on a train heading for Waterloo having just been at Coign Church, Woking where I spoke to about 40 young people and youth leaders. They had a great, vibrant time of worship with gifts of the Spirit used and almost everyone engaging and joining in. I then spoke on the importance of simply making time to be with Jesus and how our ‘success’ in life and ministry will only ever be as strong as our relationship with Jesus.

So why am I telling you this? Well firstly to remind us that God is on the move! It’s so easy to forget that millions of Christians worldwide have chosen to pick up their crosses daily and follow Him. It’s even easy to forget that right here in the UK we're not alone and that there are passionate churches, youth groups and christians who are desperate for Him and for Him to speak and move in our time!

Secondly I wanted to remind us that God speaks! At the end of my talk I decided to share some prophetic things that I felt God had been speaking to me about. I also asked Amy (my wife), who was at home, to text me some prophetic things that she was feeling and as I shared both I was blown away by the accuracy of them! Young person after young person was overwhelmed that God would pick them out and speak to them, let alone that he would care about their teenage problems.

I don’t profess to be a prophet. Far from it! But I do know Jesus. I do hear His voice. He is on the move and He loves to speak to us!

I wonder what He wants to say to you today?

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Maureen Hopkins
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