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6th June 2017

'Treasure Hunting' in Kent!

Here's a testimony from Miguel:

"I went out in Northfleet during May to do some Treasure-Hunting (by this I mean that I had got together with a bunch of Christians who are doing a course with me based in Eastgate church in north Kent, and we asked the Holy Spirit to give us some clues about the people that He wanted us to meet and bless in the street). The clues that He gave me were as follows…

Location: Bread Shop / Cartwheel.
Appearance: Red Tie / Bald head.
Name: Wilfred / Fred / Will.
Needs: Cancer.

We walked through Northfleet town and didn’t seem to be finding anything on our list, but then suddenly we saw a horse & cart complete with cartwheels! On the cart were two boys. They offered us a ride on a cart for £10. We explained that we were Christians and that we were doing this spiritual treasure-hunt using the list of clues given to us by the Holy Spirit. They said that they were also Christians and that they loved the Holy Spirit! They told us that they were waiting for their Granddad who was in the barber shop. They excitedly told us that he was a priest & that he had just come back from a visit to Jerusalem!

A short while later the Granddad came out and confirmed to us all that the boys had told us. We explained to him what we were doing and showed him the list that Holy Spirit had given us. He said that his friend’s name was Fred and that he was suffering with cancer.

We prayed together for Fred’s healing, blessed one another, and parted company laughing at how God had amazingly orchestrated all of these details – Cartwheel, Fred, & Cancer - So good to see God’s heart to encourage, bless, and heal people out on the streets on a regular Saturday afternoon!"

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