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19th July 2017

Farewell to our ID interns

The CCBS Office has been blessed this year with two fantastic interns: Lizzy McCauley and Sam Cain!

There’s never a dull moment when these two bounce into the office and we’re going to miss them hugely. As their time with us draws to a close, we asked them to reflect on the past year and share with us what they’ve learnt and what lies ahead for each of them in this short blog.

We pray God’s abundant blessings and peace upon Lizzy and Sam as they leave us – we can’t wait to see what happens next in their adventures!


In September 2016, I moved from Peterborough to Bishop’s Stortford to serve with Jake Tucker and Pete Williams at Thirst Youth Café and to take part in a year called ID (Intentional Discipleship). Thirst is such a vibrate, fun, colourful place for the youth of Stortford. It’s been such a joy to part of such an amazing cafe with a wonderful team (whilst practising my pool table skills, table tennis skills and winning many games of Monopoly Deal and Dobble!).

My highlights have been meeting our fantastic volunteers, having some great conversations about God with our young people and seeing some of the young people turn up at Youth Alpha that was run so brilliantly by Sam at the Charis Centre!

Doing youth work alongside Jake has been so much fun. He is one of the best - so gifted, faithful and the youth love him! I have learned a lot from him this year.

I’ve attended many many conferences, had lots of fun road trips (with lots of singing loudly in the car) and also heard more about our amazing Heavenly Father! The ‘Father Heart Conference’ back in October was a real highlight for me. God really set me free from a fear I had and He healed my heart. This year has been a continuation of this. Whilst writing assignments for ID and going to different training blocks, I’ve felt that my relationship with God has strengthened and although at times it’s been hard and painful to look at my heart, it’s been amazing to do and I’ve grown in my faith.

I’ll be staying in Bishops Stortford and working full time at St Elizabeth’s (where I currently work part time), and I’m continuing to pray for guidance about the next step but I know it will be an adventure!


My year has been spent working mainly in 2 different ministries (Youth Work & Worship), whilst also having work set by the leader of ID.

The Youth Work side of things has seen me leading Newday with Gareth, which seems to fill up most of my time at the moment, and it’s a lot of fun!

On the Worship side of things, implementing new technology into our team and working alongside Ewan have been my main responsibilities. Since doing this, I believe we’ve seen real growth in the quality of sound being transmitted thanks to the technology we’ve started to use.

One of the big things I’ve felt God speak to me about this past year is about where I look for my affirmation/self-esteem. It’s been a journey with lots of layers, but the invitation to go to the Father who can satisfy all my desires rather than the world has given me a sense of inner peace & love down in my heart I’ve never experienced before.

The ID work has been mainly reading books, writing essays, going away for weeks of training, and a mission trip to Scandinavia! It has been a real mixture of learning but great experiences, which I’ve really felt God grow me through.

The next step for me is going to Redding California to do the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, hopefully for 3 years, funds permitting…

It’s been an amazing journey for me here at CCBS, and I’m excited for the next chapter in California!

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Maureen Hopkins
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