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19th February 2019

Al shares his inspiring journey

As if one big message wasn't enough for a Sunday we had another from one of our elders.
AL STROUD shared more about his inspiring journey as he moves from working in the secular to working at Community Church, how God has spoken very clearly and what this all means for him and his family.


Dave Piek

Posted by Dave Piek

16th November 2016

Demonstrating the lavishly generous nature of our Heavenly Father

For a church of less than 200 households we are phenomenally generous!

As I review the monthly offerings that have been given in the last calendar year this shows me that we have given approximately £19,500 to a wide selection of local & international charities. 

This all sounds amazing enough - but then add to this the fact that every penny of our church finances for staff salaries, facilities and utilities also comes from the tithes and gifts of this same bunch of people. 


What a privilege it is to be part of a family that consistently demonstrates the lavishly generous nature of our Heavenly Father - the Father who loves us so much that He chose to generously give His perfect Son to make the way open for us to come to Him. 

As the attention of the world around us begins to turn aggressively towards the material aspects of the Christmas season, let’s keep demonstrating our culture of generosity, knowing that such kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and that the blind can see, and that will draw human hearts to our amazing Saviour Jesus.

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14th September 2016

The Mould is Broken

God has been speaking to us about 'breaking the mould', and on Sunday 11th September 2016 we took a step into a new season. In this blog, Peter shares with us his reflections of a powerful, defining morning at CCBS.

Well, we did it!

We started a second Sunday meeting and both of them were very good meetings! Both had heart-felt worship and a memorable message from Gareth as we broke the mould of one meeting and it was very encouraging to welcome 7 new members across the two meetings.

Thank you every single one of you who served to make both meetings happen so well.

Of course the meetings were smaller than we’ve been used to, but this meant there was space in the room for newcomers to fill so that the church family can grow and more people can join in worshipping Jesus to display His glory. That’s what we want! In fact, 5 newcomers enjoyed the morning so much on Sunday that they filled out ‘I’m New Here cards’ saying they want to become part of the church!

God was with us in both meetings and we can expect that He will continue to be! He has ‘Immeasurably More’ for us yet!

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30th May 2016

Leadership blog

Personal encounters with Jesus, physical healing, salvation, words of knowledge and prophecy are all things that have been happening recently…IN OUR CHILDREN’S WORK!!

Yes, there is so much of the Kingdom of God happening regularly in Supergang! I remember a few weeks ago making the comment that if you ever hear me using the term ‘main meeting’ rather than ‘adult meeting’ then you have my full permission to slap me. That still stands as true because it is so clear that in the mind of our Lord, there is no segregation between what happens with the adults and what happens with the children.

Truly there is no junior Holy Spirit!

As I write this I am aware that last Sunday we had thirty 6-11 year-olds in Transformers. That makes for one very busy Small Hall. Our Supergang teams do such a magnificent job as they faithfully produce life-shaping and transforming sessions for our kids. They really are some of the frequently un-sung heroes of CCBS.

In case you missed it, our Children’s Work is actually the primary driving force in our desire to launch our second Sunday morning meeting from September 11th this year. Congestion in that part of our church life is more acutely felt than in the Main Hall. What a wonderful problem to have!

Already in this regard alone we are breaking the mould of what is expected from a church in a small town. God is already fulfilling His promises among us!

My prayer is that as we obediently do what we can to create room for growth, God will supernaturally add many new family units to us. This is what co-labouring with the Lord looks like. Sometimes it isn’t comfortable to embrace change, but the privilege of seeing lives transformed and filled with the love, joy, and peace of the Kingdom makes it so very worth while.

Pray with me that our kids and young people will truly use our ceiling as their platform and see more of the Kingdom in their life-times than we ever dreamed possible! Let your Kingdom come Lord!

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