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13th March 2019

Try Praying

We heard an astounding story this weekend.
A dear woman bought trypraying booklets and kept them in her bag to give away when appropriate. One day her non-Christian neighbour called round to ask her to pray because her husband had been diagnosed with cancer. She said she would pray and gave them each a trypraying booklet. A couple of weeks later she met him walking the dog on the beach. He said "That booklet: good read! I've read it twice. This God is a mighty big God, isn't he? I have to come out here to a vast place to meet a vast God. He is listening to me."

They are blown away because they heard he no longer has cancer.

We're just telling it as we heard it!

Thank you for being part of this adventure.

Maureen Hopkins

Posted by Maureen Hopkins

6th March 2019

Catching the wave

Catch the Wave is live! Here we go!

If you haven’t done so already, take a moment and identify three people that you are going to commit to pray for over the next 40 days. If you want to take courage to the next level, maybe you can tell them that you’ll be praying for them!

As God begins to answer your prayers, don’t forget to tell us about it. Send your testimonies in to us at

Let’s do all we can to encourage one-another on this journey. Our Father is hungry to prove his faithfulness to us in this.


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1. The inspirational book ‘Dirty Glory’ by Pete Greig would make excellent reading material throughout this next season. Why not check it out on Amazon here
2. Another great book to consider for this season would be ‘The Circle Maker” by Mark Batterson. Find it on Amazon here

Watch all our videos on Catching the Wave HERE

Dave Piek

Posted by Dave Piek

18th February 2019

The prayers of many

It was an honour to have Relational Mission leader MIKE BETTS with us yesterday. Mike brought us a rousing message about the importance of corporate prayer, which is significant in its timing for us at Community Church as we launch our mulit-faceted ADVENTURES IN PRAYER initiative.


If you don't know what ADVENTURES IN PRAYER is yet, find out more here.

Colin explains more...

"What a timely visit and word from Mike Betts calling us corporate prayer of intercession. This resonates with what the elders believe God has been calling Community Church into through ADVENTURES IN PRAYER. Mike also highlighted that this call to prayer is also being echoed throughout many movements of God's church in many nations.
Mike used a powerful analogy of a young child persistently asking her grandad for sweets as she knows he has them in his pocket, and that because she know's his nature she'll persistently keep asking him for them as he won't be able to resist her requests! Mike used the example of the importunate widow, persistent to the point  of annoyance in her prayers to Him, and encouraged us to be the same.

We know who God is, and we know what (promises) he has for us, so we should be persistent in asking for the things that He has placed on our hearts until we have them. In this season for Community Church this means social impact and revival in our town.

Upcoming opportunities to get involved:

- the next BOILER ROOM - 15th March
- the next ENOUGH Half-night of prayer 29th March

Come and join together in the prayers of many"
- Colin

Dave Piek

Posted by Dave Piek

23rd January 2019

So how is Try Praying going for you?

So how is Try Praying going for you? Many more people are willing to pray than we give them credit for so hopefully you have:
- Picked up a Try Praying book
- Read it yourself
- Given it away

If you are not sure, this video tells you what this 'outrageously simple' idea is about and gives some stories to encourage you.
It really does work!

If you have already given your first copy away WE'D LOVE TO KNOW HOW IT WENT and what reaction you got.
It could also be time to pick up your next copy to hand out!

- The Adventures In Prayer Team

Dave Piek

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