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19th February 2019

Al shares his inspiring journey

As if one big message wasn't enough for a Sunday we had another from one of our elders.
AL STROUD shared more about his inspiring journey as he moves from working in the secular to working at Community Church, how God has spoken very clearly and what this all means for him and his family.


Dave Piek

Posted by Dave Piek

17th April 2018

God's Provision

Back in the 80’s Maureen and I were struggling financially with two children to support, mortgage to pay etc. all on my single income. I went to some trusted Christian friends for advice and the first thing they asked was “are you tithing?” “What?” I responded, “Our bank account is already overdrawn every month - how can we afford to tithe?” But deep inside I knew they were right.

I set up a standing order to give a tenth of our income and a few days later we went to Kingdom Faith - a week long Christian camp at Peterborough. One seminar there was about finances and budgeting, but we had paid for the camp, bought tapes of meetings etc. so I wondered if we had overspent. However, at the end of that month we were NOT overdrawn for the first time in ages! We hadn’t had time to even start budgeting so I had to check our bank statement several times - there was no extra income and to this day I can’t explain it other than God somehow intervened. 

Through the years since then I’ve had a couple of periods of being out of work, but there has always been food on the table and we’ve never really had to struggle - God has always provided.

Maureen Hopkins

Posted by Maureen Hopkins

7th March 2017

Testimony of provision

One of the names used for God is 'Jehovah Jireh' which means 'God is Our Provider'. Here's a testimony from one of our church members that shows God's provision: 

I have been needing a haircut for a while and had been talking to God about it. I was on my way to a GP appointment in town and as I was walking past a hairdresser’s shop I noticed a sign in their window saying “Short-haired models needed.”

I walked on past the shop but felt like God gave me a nudge to go back and ask them about it. They told me to come back later that day and they would give me a free hair-cut.

While I was having my hair cut that afternoon, my daughter met me there and they offered to give her a free hair cut too! She hates having her hair cut and has been avoiding doing it for about 3 years! But it was a nice quiet place and so she agreed. The hairdressers then asked us both if we’d be willing to go back again in about 6 weeks and have another free hair cut each!

I had been telling God that I needed one hair cut. In the end He has arranged for four!

Amazing provision!

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18th July 2016

"God has done far more than I ever dreamed possible!"

Here is a testimony from one of our members about how God has been at work in their life:

"I work with a local authority and earlier in 2016 I was feeling extremely swamped at work. I was praying about wanting to get back into a better work-life balance.

Shortly thereafter I was approached by a team manager who asked me if I would like to join her team. I agreed and stated that I would look for the application form on the online system and get it done ASAP. I went on to the internal web site and found the job advert, pressed the button to apply, and an application form came up. I should point out two major things here - 1: My work experience and academic qualifications have completely changed since I first made an application for this local authority; 2: I have a personal difficulty in completing application forms as I find it difficult to put on paper all of the things I have done as I fear that the reader will think I am boasting.

As I looked at the application form I was shocked to find thatit already had my present qualifications all inputted correctly, and also full detail of my work experiences (completed better than I could have done it)! There was nothing for me to do apart from submitting this form, which somehow had been automatically filled in for me!

Within 2 weeks I received a telephone call from HR asking me if I was still interested in the job. I stated that I was, and that I was waiting for an interview date to be given. I have only ever had about six job interviews in my life and I have felt that I was rubbish at every one of them. HR got back to me and asked if I had a start date in mind as they wanted to offer me the job. I asked again about the interview and was told that interview was not necessary.

The job was mine!

I asked about the salary and was told that the salary would be at my present rate. I decided to be a bit cheeky and told them that unless I got a pay rise I was not interested. I asked for £4k extra and it was immediately approved!  Since writing this testimony, I have started my new job. The stress level is a lot lower and as a result I have a much better work-life balance. God has done far more than I ever dreamed possible!"

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