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7th May 2019


God wants His house full – and we love the fact that He keeps bringing more people to us here in Community Church! So…we’re making plans on how to make room for the people who keep coming to our Sunday meetings. Here’s a link to a 5 minute summary and 17 minute full version video in outlining the 3 stage journey ahead in a hop skip and jump, starting with the hop in September this year….

Look out for the Week of Prayer at the end of June and the Church-wide Survey to follow to give your input to planning the journey ahead.

With love, Peter

Maureen Hopkins

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25th May 2018

A message from Klara

Dear beloved church,

I am writing you this email because I am moving from England in a month and a half. And I cannot say how much I want to thank you for opening my heart to Jesus. I was looking for God during all my life. It took me 27 years to find Him and I finally find Him here (at Community Church). I still remember the feeling when I first came to the Alpha course 2 years ago. I remember how much I felt lonely especially because I was living here on my own without my family or friends. And then I met so many welcoming and warm people who were so kind to me. I started to understand more about God and after lot of my questions and lot of prayers I became a Christian. I attended a few Christian services back home in the Czech Republic but finally, I found my church, Yours. I love Our services. I love how strangers to me just approached me and gave me a message from God or prayed for me. I love the passion that people have for praying. I love how people were sharing their stories of what God did in their lives. I love the way Al, Gareth, Peter or anybody else explains what God did. I love worshipping. I sometimes had pictures that people just started to fly during worship like lots of angels. It is really amazing how simple tasks as serving a tea or welcoming people by the door, can be done with such a love.

Thank you for guiding me on my way to Jesus. Thank you for all your help and support.

Now I am preparing myself for moving back to the Czech Republic. I am a bit of nervous about how my life ends up there. I wasn't a Christian when I lived in Czech and I don't want to return to "old ways". My family are not Christians. Most of my family now know about my Christianity. I really hope I will find some similar Church nearby where I live. Please, can you pray for that? I know God loves me wherever I am and whichever Church I am attending but isn't that human nature to have a bit of fear?

Thank you for praying. Thank you for listening. Thank you for friendly hugging. Thank you for sharing your stories. Thank you, God for creating such a wonderful place. Thank you God for Jesus.

God love you all,
With love,

Maureen Hopkins

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20th July 2017

A Good News Story from Money Advice

Freed from £20,000 of debt!

A client of the Bishop's Stortford Money Advice Service (BSMAS) was recently granted a Debt Relief Order for this large amount of debt they could not possibly repay. One of the debts was subject to a court order that allowed the creditor to charge interest of 8% per year on the debt, so the amount owed was continually increasing. With this weight lifted from their shoulders they were more hopeful and more able to cope with their every day life.

BSMAS is a group of Christians from various churches in Stortford who want to be part of bringing in God’s Kingdom in the town by helping people with their money issues. BSMAS opened our doors in 2009 and works with clients to find out what their income is, make sure that they are receiving all the benefits they are entitled to and to get the best value for the money they have. The service is free and we listen to them without judging and help them to take control of their finances. Many of the people we see have found themselves in financial difficulty because of changes in their circumstances or mental health and/or learning disabilities.

Demand for our services doubled in the last year due to a combination of factors such as a further squeeze on disposable income, cuts to benefits, and Circle Anglia (our local Housing Association) reducing their support staff and referring tenants – including those in danger of repossession – to us. Unfortunately, 2017 is also the year when the number of advisers have fallen to their lowest ever and we had to start a waiting list for potential clients for the first time. To continue to be able to help people with their money issues and cope with the rising demand we need more volunteer debt advisers and budget coaches and help with the administration of the service.

Please pray that we will be able to continue in this vital ministry and if you would like to volunteer to work with us or want any further information, please contact the church office.

Maureen Hopkins

Posted by Maureen Hopkins

16th November 2016

Demonstrating the lavishly generous nature of our Heavenly Father

For a church of less than 200 households we are phenomenally generous!

As I review the monthly offerings that have been given in the last calendar year this shows me that we have given approximately £19,500 to a wide selection of local & international charities. 

This all sounds amazing enough - but then add to this the fact that every penny of our church finances for staff salaries, facilities and utilities also comes from the tithes and gifts of this same bunch of people. 


What a privilege it is to be part of a family that consistently demonstrates the lavishly generous nature of our Heavenly Father - the Father who loves us so much that He chose to generously give His perfect Son to make the way open for us to come to Him. 

As the attention of the world around us begins to turn aggressively towards the material aspects of the Christmas season, let’s keep demonstrating our culture of generosity, knowing that such kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and that the blind can see, and that will draw human hearts to our amazing Saviour Jesus.

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Maureen Hopkins
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